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Convient store CBD…

We all see it. CBD being sold at gas stations, video stores, dollar stores and even auto parts stores. It is shocking but it isn’t at the same time. America is built on the dream. The dream of getting rich and living better than the rest of the world. For that reason we cannot hate on the desire of capitalizing on this booming industry. But we must caution you with this one statement, “You get what you pay for, in this industry.” If it is boasting thousands of mgs of CBD and or no THC at all, it is not the best products already. Whenever there is an absurd amount of CBD printed on the label it is either a bold face lie or it is just common hemp oil. That is just the first thing to be concerned with…next is that the person selling it to you has no idea what and why they are selling CBD. They probably do not even take it themselves. And if they do they probably did not buy it there. People usually are exposed to CBD by a friend or family member when they are explaing how much CBD has helped them change their life. That recommendation was to either a website or a local CBD store. If it is the web, then your referral is probably a good one but maybe you can find that same product locally. If you can’t maybe someone will order it for you specially? Website orders are nice and easy. But it just lacks the conversation and abilities to sample and read all the labels. Now, after you have been taking CBD for some time and have done the research you can sometimes jump into a CVS and pickup your Charlotte’s Web but in a THC free form, still not the best. But you can get by if that is what you need. Some stores have their own website for convenience. We offer free shipping and same day processing. We can usually get it shipped the same day. So, I think we are seeing a solution to all of your CBD needs. Find a local store that knows what is best and has a website so you can order from the convenience of your home or office, right from the phone or laptop. Build a relationship with that store and it’s staff. This way you will always be up to date on product knowledge and industry standards. Plus, they will probably offer discounts that the major players will not offer. Shop small and shop local with a local CBD expert. Oh, and if they do not have CBG, CBN or THCv then they might be a little behind. See you soon! #indycbd

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Flower or Oils?

Everyone is wanting to smoke hemp flower these days. We definitely offer some options in store but we do not think that it is the best approach for treating symptoms long term. Lets go over the pros and cons of smoking flower versus ingesting the CBD/CBG oils. We will start with flower…

Flower is definitely a full spectrum product, which means that it is going to have all of the cannabinoids that naturally occur in the cannabis plant. Cannabinoid examples are CBD, CBDA, CBDV. CBG, CBGA, THC, THCA, THCV, and that is just some of the few that we are currently aware of today. There are supposedly more than 100 cannabinoids currently discovered. Smoking flower is one of the fastest ways to get the cannabinoids into your blood stream and it is the method of the least waste. But with burning plant material it involves inhaling heat and carbons. There are dry vape options that are safer than rolling your own or using some device to burn the flower. Now, with smoking it is efficient and the onset time is immediate but that also means  that the exit is going to be faster than many other options in the store.  Now lets move onto the CBD/CBG oils.

CBD/CBG oils are categorized into 3 types. Full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolates. Each one has it’s own benefits as well and more or less are a perfect fit for the certain type of customer treating certain symptoms and maybe they cannot test positive for THC. Now, the full spectrum oils do not technically have all the cannabinoids within the oil. Well, isn’t that confusing? When the cannabis/hemp is processed through the extractors you naturally lose some of the cannabinoids and that is just how it works. Broad spectrum means that it has at least 2 cannabinoids, terpenes and no THC. Isolate CBD is just plain 99.9% CBD and nothing else. Mother Nature prefers the full spectrum oils as that it is how it was intended but some employers and people are subject to drug screens so you have something for everyone. The oils are administered underneath the tongue and they are absorbed by the sublingual glands that take the CBD to the blood stream. It can take 30 seconds up to a minute and a half to be fully absorbed. You can swallow the oil and if it is made with certain carrier oils it will be absorbed in the GI tract. It can be effective all day and the onset can be as quick as instant to 3 minutes. Depends on the person. Of course none of this has been proven by the FDA, so you should consult a physician first.

Now that we have discussed and looked at some of the pros and cons to flower versus oils, what do you think? Do you have more questions? We always go with an oil or capsule first and then accompany our CBD oil with a topical, vape or edible product. Smoking can be included but it is not great to inhale burning material. But these are our opinions and that does not mean we are the most correct or that we do not welcome flower customers into the store. We just wanna find what method is best for your symptoms, which is what you came in to do anyway. If you have any CBD, CBG or CBN questions or any other cannabinoid you can reach us in email at and you can call or text us at 3179610191. Have a great day!

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Cannabinoid Education

How much do you know about CBD? Ever heard of CBG? You probably know some things about THC, but probably not the medical parts? Would you like to know more? Would you come to the store for free education and training? We can equip you with the right information to buy the right CBD products for you and your family. After you get all this knowledge, you can use it when you travel out of town and then some day you can make your own products. That is when you have really gotten the value out of our continued education and cannabinoid discussions. We are open 7 days a week so that everyone has a chance to get in the door. Along with our free education we also are going to have you sample some of the leading products in the country. The education and the samples are the 2 most important things in running a high-quality CBD store. It is not about how pretty your store is or the influencer behind the brand. It is solely about the value of the business and the community that it is operating in. If you wanna get more value out of your CBD experience, visit Indy CBD Plus today!

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      CBD and the FDA

      Man, how crazy has the last couple of weeks been in the CBD industry? FDA issuing warnings to 15 different companies and a couple of huge brands that are also under a microscope. What does all this mean? Isn’t there a CBD product that is approved by the FDA? Doesn’t the FDA approve drugs that have terrible side-effects? These are just a few of the questions that are being raised by almost anyone with common sense. How can the government approve one CBD medication but not any of the others? How can they say one CBD is different than the other? CBD is CBD whether it comes from hemp or marijuana. CBD is a cannabinoid that develops naturally in cannabis plants. So what is the big deal? The big deal is that it is not approved by the FDA and that means that it is not supported by Big Pharma and not supported by the insurance companies. Does this mean that the powers that be do not want to see CBD sold and used in an OTC manner? Yes, that is exactly it. When Epidiolex is $32k for 100mg of CBD but you can come to any CBD shop and get an isolate CBD oil in 1000mg for $45 or a full spectrum CBD for $70, why would you spend one dollar on Edpidiolex? The FDA regulates what benfits them and their constituents. Shop local and make friends with your local CBD store. They have the cannabiniods that you are gonna need. CBG, CBD, CBN, THC, THCa, and THCv. There are many more but those are the most commonly heard at this moment. So support your local pioneers and say no to the FDA propaganda that keeps big pharma rich.

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      Continued Education…

      Today like every Sunday at Indy CBD Plus, we have the YouTube app on and will be watching all videos pertaining to the Endocannabinoid System, terpenes, CB1 and CB2 receptors and cannabinoids specifically phytocannabinoids. This is important to us and should be important to you as well. Not in the sense that you too are watching education videos all day but that we are doing this for you. Without continued education and brushing up on previously learned material, we cannot be the premier CBD retailer in Indiana. Wellness starts with knowing the body and how the cannabinoids respond to the receptors in your body. We also study what other vitamins, minerals and supplements can do when combined with phytocannanioids and terpenes. With this continued education we can also look for new brands and products that are truly innovative. Being located in Indiana and having the reputation of being last to get the “good stuff” we make it our mission to bring you the best CBD products in the state, first. There are a lot of brands out there and only the best ones make it onto our shelves. Did you know that your body produces cannabinoids but not enough to continue to regulate the EC system? That is why you need the phytocannabinoids found in CBD oils, topicals, vape products and edibles. If you ever wanna get more free information then you can message us on social media, email, by phone or by visiting the store. We hope to see you soon as we love to talk about CBD and the body. Have a great weekend!

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      Cannabis Banking is the Achilles heel right now in the industry

      I mean where to begin?! We started off going to the usual banks in the beginning not even considering what FDIC means. And trust me, we knew what this acronym was all about. The first bank that turned us down was the most helpful actually. Gave us great advice as to how to get going and we listened and acted. The next time we went hunting for a checking account for our new business it was a total success! Got the account, they were happy to help and it was a credit union. Now, everyone dogs them out for their fees and their policies and less strict environment. But, they welcomed us and we have been doing great business with them ever since. At the same time we were working to get a credit card and start building the companies credit. We applied for a VISA business card called Sparks. Took 3 months but we got the approval. In the name Indy CBD Plus and all! We have been using this card ever since. Our store had the same issues as any other CBD retail store in the sense of loosing merchant services multiple times a year, buying 2 ATMs, ordered multiple POS sets of hardware and then there was eCommerce. The website had to have all the smokeables removed per one MS provider, go figure. Then we lost it all together for a few months. So back to VISA. We receive a letter the other day that they after one year of service, are canceling our card. This is such an issue and it will slow us down a bit here but nothing that we can’t or have not overcame at this point. It is funny that all of a sudden a company that has approved your card, takes tens of thousands of dollars for a year, no penalties, no fees and then acts like they do not support your business. I could understand if there were charge-backs and late payments but there was never an issue. This blog today was not beneficial to anyone except the few of us that understand the troubles unique to our industry. To all the customers that have supported us through thick and thin, we appreciate you! To those interested in investing in a growing company with future plans to run the Indiana market, send us an email. But be prepared for the most interesting industry in your lifetime. It is not for the weak.

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      Cannabigerol or CBG

      CBG is considered a minor cannabinoid. A cannabinoid is a molecule that comes from the cannabis plant. The most famous cannabinoid is THC but we are here to discuss the “mother” of all cannabinoids, CBG. Why is it the “mother of all cannabinoids”, you ask? Well, that is because it is the precursor to all cannabinoids and is why there is little CBG typically present in high THC or CBD strains. CBG was discovered in 1964 by Raphael Mechoulam at Hebrew University in Israel. CBG is effective for many reasons and one major reason is that it interacts with both CB1 receptors and CB2 receptors. This is interesting as THC and CBD typically are focused on one or the other. CBG forms from the acid precursor CBGA and technically from it CBG, CBD, CBDA, THC and THCA are all formed. So CBGA is responsible for 7 analogs of itself, but also produces all the acidic precursors for all other major cannabinoids. This is why we disagree with the label of “minor cannabinoid”. Something so minor is the start to many of the cannabinoids that we know today. Some of this information is confusing and the blog is definitely not in the best order or consistent. We are working on that for you. Thanks for following.

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      **Merchant Services is down ONLINE but we ARE taking payments in store, over the phone or through email**

      Hey everybody! Our store is open and we are adding new products all the time. However, our merchant services is offline right now with ECommerce. This is out of our hands but we are working on it every day. You can email or call in and we can take your information over the phone or we can send you an invoice through PayPal and you can pay with whatever debit or credit card you desire. We are here for you and we will not let some little hiccup keep you from getting your CBD. Thanks for checking in and please feel free to call or check in at any time! Have a great weekend!

      PS…Fourth of July is coming and if you have a fur baby that does not like the sound of the fireworks, then you need to get the CBD treats ASAP!

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      End of the BIGGEST month of the year for our industry…

      April is the king month of all months for the Cannabis industry across the world. Here in Indianapolis the Cannabis industry means Hemp and CBD. We had a little awards show. We had a little 4/20 sale. We kept the stigma alive at the same time. Are we happy about it? Meh…It was good for Indianapolis. It was good for Indiana. CBD, Hemp and Cannabis awards which are not illegal to have, showed the community that plant based medicine can be fun, safe and educational. There was a “Roll Your Own” contest and that was exciting. There were many awards handed out(we did not win). There were vendors there selling all state and federally approved Hemp products. We visited a couple events up in Michigan to support some of the brands that we carry in our store. One cool thing is the friends that you make while working within such an interesting field. We started having deal days at the store like many of the dispensaries have in all of the medical states. This is great for the customer as you know what the discounted day is going to be and what the discount is going to be in advance. Sometime new things are added and some go away in larger stores with more volume but that isn’t CBD. We also added a loyalty program that we hope stays with us while we transition to a new merchant service company. Next month(starting tomorrow sometime) we are supposed to be dropped by Evalon along with 50k other CBD retailers. JOY! So April showers brings May flowers and on July 1 those flowers gotta be gone because Indiana law says so…Thanks for reading. I feel like I am getting better at this. What do you think?

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      Is CBD right for you?

      Do you have an Endocannabinoid System? Are you a mammal? If you answered yes to both of those questions, which you should have, then YES CBD is for you! It was kind of a trick and also included all other mammals as well. So, your dog, cat, horse, ferret whatever you may have as a “fur baby” can benefit from using CBD. Bring your quesitons and concerns to us and we can point you in the right direction! Thanks for taking time to read our little blog.